A Story in Emails About Bullying In Junior High

No Bullies No Way Cover #3 Two cool kids at different high schools find themselves confronted by very different types of bullies.

Surfer Mitch and mountain-biker Sue exchange very personal emails on matters at their various schools – matters fast spiraling out of control.

Sue finds herself being bullied by another girl at her new school. Meanwhile back home, Mitch and his mates are increasingly threatened by tough-guy Jim & his gang.

Can a bully be halted? This pair, at great cost to themselves, search for a way.

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Reckless AngryR: Bullies are weak, I reckon, otherwise they wouldn’t need to … you know.
K: I know, Reckless. Have you ever been bullied?
R: Me? No way, never!  In this book of yours, do the kids figure out how to … ?
K: Deal with the bullies? Yeah, it can be done, when enough people have the will.
R: Ain’t that the truth. If you had a spare copy of that book, I wouldn’t mind …
K: Be my guest.


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