Mith COVER Sm File
He’s blue,
he’s shiny, he burps and he’s come for a reason.

And it’s a reason no one would ever have guessed.

Be warned, this book has its villains, wicked deeds and nail-biting moments.

But at heart it’s a tale in which gentleness, understanding and good manners triumph.

And a whole of lot silliness is revealed. myth

$1.99 The Dragon of Mith
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THE DRAGON MITH was Awarded an Honour Book Prize in the Australian Children’s Book of the Year Awards for Junior Readers. See
Reckless Smile #2

R: He’s come to eat somebody, right?
K: Sorry, Reckless, I can’t tell you that. It’d spoil the story.
R: I like dragon stories where people get eaten.
K: Well, some turkeys get their feathers singed, and some sausages get made.
R: Hey, I like sausages.
K: Then you’ll love this story! It’s got lots of sausages. And dragon slayers. And a bloke who carries an enormous saw-blade on his shoulder. And … just read the book.

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