Rascal Horse of Rumpsford_SM 2 CoverIst PRIZE in Fanstory’s ‘Share a Story in a Poem’ in which a crafty old horse attempts to outwit a greedy landlord.

The farmers of Rumpsford are doomed! Drought has gripped the land. There’s nothing left to eat, yet the wicked landlord grows fatter every day.

But the old horse has a plan. Will she triumph! Or will she pay dearly for her cunning?

BEWARE – it gets real mucky toward the end!


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R: Hey, Kate, is that supposed to be horse muck over there? It looks like dog’s do to me.
K: You’re right. It’s hard to get pics of horse muck.poo
R: I could get ya some of the real thing!
K: That’s kind of you, Reckless, but I think I can manage without.
R: Hey, Kate! Look at the great pics I found. Just like your poem. I’m starting a collection.
Horse droppingshorse-poop-money

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